Get ready for Autumn


With September comes a fresh chill, and the rich greens of summer turning to golden yellows and reds. Autumn is the time to prepare your garden for the darker months but also to help wildlife prepare for the chill, and get any end-of-summer jobs out of the way. Here are a few ideas to busy yourself with this month in preparation for Autumn:

1. Throughout autumn you’ll need to intermittently clear the leaves from the lawn or borders, so start collecting the valuable mulching material now, and if you’ve not got one already, invest in a composter. Clear borders, your lawn and its surroundings of leaves, prunings and grass clippings. Add to that your organic kitchen scraps and layer them in the composter. It’s crucial to keep a balance of ingredients, and to turn regularly to allow air in, aiding decomposition.

2. Now’s the time to plant Spring bulbs, ideally plant before the chill really hits. Be it daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, plant ahead for some stunning spring colour. If you’re not familiar with planting bulbs, plant a number together in a group for the full colourful effect, plant either double or triple the plant’s height, plant with the ‘nose’ (shoot) pointing upwards, and beware of digging terrier dogs that might want to unearth your stash!

3. Fallen leaves can choke your pond’s water of oxygen if not removed, and they don’t look great either, so now’s the perfect time to net your pond before the ‘fall’ of the Fall.

4. To prepare your garden as a haven for wildlife during autumn, clear out or install vital water baths for birds, they’ll need a reliable water supply even throughout the colder months, so keep topping up. Then empty, disinfect then re-hang any bird boxes, and of course fill bird feeders with tasty nuts and seeds.

5. Now is also the perfect time to patch up your lawn. If you have any sparse patches, now is a great time to sow extra seeds before the frost hits. Simply loosen the soil with a fork, rake through seeds and water (if we’re enjoying a dry patch and the rain can’t do it for you).

Whatever time of year there’s always work for green fingers, but preparing now means you can enjoy the spectacular hues of Autumn, and the crisper chill in the air and the satisfaction of a stunning garden to sit in or look out on.



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