Are you getting your ‘Vitamin N’?

There’s a pretty interesting theory that those who spend time in nature are happier, calmer, less stressed. And as more and more people are living in cities, dis-connected from nature like never before, that people are actually lacking in this ‘vitamin N’ (nature).

It’s a pretty nice theory if you’re a landscape gardener and spend many days outdoors enjoying fresh air and greenery, but if you’re stuck in an office it can be difficult to find the time to spend in nature and benefit from it’s wonderful de-stressing properties.

That’s why gardens are becoming increasingly important in our overall health and well-being. And gardens that work for your needs are vital. There’s no point having outdoor space if it doesn’t allow you to full enjoy it. And with stress levels in the western-world on the rise, a brilliantly useable garden actually could be a matter of life and death!

So when considering what you need from your garden in order to get your ‘Vitamin N’, consider these few things:

  • A comfortable outside seating area is vital, because even when it’s chilly, if your place to sit and relax is tranquil and inviting, you’ll be more willing to don the woolly hat and gloves and basque in the green surroundings.
  • Wildlife can play an important role in de-stressing. Is there anything as satisfying as watching the birds feast from your berries or nuts, whilst blissfully unaware they are being watched?
  • Points of interest such as water features, sculptures, structural planting or simply great design can add a lot to the overall ‘zen’ of your garden, making it feel personalised as well as peaceful.

Here are some great examples of peaceful gardens

This award-winning garden was made using fallen trees.

This stunningly peaceful hideaway is in the Tuscan countryside.

Water is a reliably calming addition to any garden.

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