The Ten Rules of Garden Design

1. Theme

To ensure your garden blends well and has a great ‘mood’, stick to a single overall theme, whether that be an angular contemporary space, a victorian cottage garden, an eastern sensory garden, a beachy nautical space or something else.

2. Land the role

Whether you are active in your garden, need a tranquil place to sit or require space for energetic kids to play, one of the most important considerations is what you need most from your garden an how you will use it.

3. Break-up

It’s a revelation to many that even large gardens don’t need lawns, and unless you’ve got a football-playing children, big spaces can be broken up with landscaping to create flowing paths, new seating areas, ponds or water features, pots or planters and a variety of interesting textures big or small.

4. Look up

In order to draw your eye to key points through the garden, create focal points with verticals. Whether pergolas, climbing plants, or landscaping, different levels build vital interest.

5. Embrace colour

Painting fences or furniture, mixing up colourful foliage and flowers, adding colour through planters or pots or accessorising the garden can have a dramatic effect in brightening up an otherwise green-only space.

6. Movement

Plant grasses, ferns and tall flowers or seed heads that will add movement in the breeze, this all-important feature of a garden helps a garden to feel alive and dynamic rather than a static sterile space.

7. Contrast

Planting contrasting textures and colours of flower or foliage alongside each other help to break up spaces and draw the eye to various points.

8. Reclaim

Make the most of the space with non-plant materials such as driftwood, pebbles, bricks, vintage ladders, stone sculptures, garden shelving, thick glass, marble or even steel.

9. Make it edible

Herbs, edible flowers, vegetables, and fruit can not only be eaten and enjoyed, but give a great scent to gardens too.

10. Look out

A garden is there to be enjoyed in any weather, even from the house, so consider the view and sculpt a garden to compliment that outlook.




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